The Ohio State University – Academic Building

With the cost of higher-education rising higher and higher each year, it is imperative that prospective students and their families have the most up to date and accurate knowledge of all of the options available to them.

Many prospective students are persuaded to attend private institutions with the notion that the more expensive, the better. Think about it, as a society, we are convinced that the more expensive something is, the better it is. This falls true for cars, homes, cell-phones, clothes, jewelry etc, so why wouldn’t we believe that a more expensive education is the better choice?

Many students and their families are convinced that they can afford a $55,000 per year education. These schools tell them “you will receive a generous scholarship, and financial aid will take care of the rest! Mom and dad will end up paying the same amount they’d pay if you went to a state school”, and what they aren’t realizing is that the “financial aid” that is covering the rest of their cost, is usually a set of loans, that after 4 years often times will total $100,000 or more. While it is often true that “Mom and dad will end up paying the same amount they’d pay if you went to a state school” what they aren’t realizing right away is that you would not have needed that $25,000 loan/ “financial aid” per-year if you had gone to a state school.

When visiting these beautiful and reputable private schools, once a student hears that they can “afford” the price tag, they are usually sold immediately, and no longer consider the reputable state schools , that in the end could have saved them $100,000 before interest.

The purpose for Students For Public Higher Education is to make the public fully aware of the benefits of choosing a state-funded, public institution of higher-education. This blog will be a place to find out just how public institutions are almost always a smarter and more financially responsible choice.




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