Wall Street Journal Writes “Elite Colleges Dont Buy Happiness “




The above post, written in the Wall Street Journal, mentions a survey done that concludes “Elite Colleges Dont Buy Happiness”

What this means, is that attending the fancy, ivy-league private institutions does not mean you will have a better quality of life.

The article states

       “The poll didn’t measure graduates’ earnings. Rather, it was rooted in 30 years of Gallup research that shows that people who feel happy and engaged in their jobs are the most productive. That relatively small group at the top didn’t disproportionately attend the prestigious schools that Americans have long believed provided a golden ticket to success. Instead, they forged meaningful connections with professors or mentors, and made significant investments in long-term academic projects and extracurricular activities.”

Students at the top did not necessarily attend private highly regarded institutions, they made the most of their time at their respective institutions, connecting with professors and joining clubs/activities.

These connections create the path you take after graduation, not the price or reputation of your institution.

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