Huffington Post Touches Upon The “Value of Higher Education” and Success Rates


The above link connects to a blog speaking more on the value of higher education and what exactly students need to do do “better gauge value”.

One point in particular notes ” How much does college cost and how do students pay? How many — and which — students complete their degrees? And what do graduates experience after college in the workplace and society? These may seem like easy questions to which we should already have the answers, but the truth is this information is not readily available.”

It is so important to verify with any institution, especially private schools, what their graduation rates and retention rates are.

Two things to note, if graduation and retention rates are low, there is a reason. Students are not happy and are leaving, or are not succeeding and are not graduating. This speaks to how well the institution caters to the students, and what they really offer.

This is a great blog to check out, and the points that the post makes are very crucial.



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