Holy Cross? More like Holy Price Tag! and for what?


A tour of College of the Holy Cross, located in Worcester MA, this past weekend showed us exactly what a $60,000 per year education will get you!

College of the Holy Cross, better known simply as “Holy Cross” is one of the most reputable and well known religious, private colleges in New England. With an out-of-state student population of over 70%, it is clear that students come from all over the country to attend this pricey, liberal-arts institution.
Holy Cross, which is known for is Hogwarts-style campus, had only one thing going for it, its Hogwarts-style campus. We were taken on a student-lead tour via a student tour-guide from the admissions office. On the tour, all we were shown was the admissions office, the lobby of the library, and a broken-down freshman residence hall. Typically on a college-tour, especially one where you would be paying almost $250,000 to attend, you expect to see at least one dinning hall, a couple of academic buildings, a recreation center (especially since it is a D1 school!) the student center, and nicer than average residence halls.

Holy Cross is a beyond beautiful campus, large historic brick buildings on rolling green hills, covered by trees, however, the outdated and un-fit recreation center, the broken-down freshman halls that resembled prison hallways – that had virtually no common-room and or lounge space,and bedroom doors that looked similar in sturdiness to plywood, and the out-dated and small dinning halls that were hidden from us on tour prove one thing, students chose these high-priced private schools for one reason, the name.

Students are coming to see these private institutions, and are sold on the spot. After the tour, I asked a family that was in the tour-group with us what they thought, and if they had seen any state institutions. There response was alarming – “We had hoped to see more of the campus, but she will have the next 4 years to explore and get acclimated!” When asked again about state institutions, the father responded with “Oh no, it can’t get better than this, did you see that library?!, this is where she wants to be, what more do we need to see?”

Students are falling for the names of these private institutions and their reputations. Of course saying “I’m a student at Holy Cross” has a much nicer ring to it than “I’m a student at Worcester State”. However, had this family gone to see a state school, UMass Amherst, or Worcester State, even a more reputable one, The Ohio State University, they surely would have thought twice about Holy Cross, and realized it may not have offered much, other than a small-private education on a historic campus.



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